Diamond Mind

(tib: Dorje Sempa / skt: Vajrasatva)

Diamond Mind represents the purifying aspect of all Buddhas. Used in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism in different forms, he is the Joy State (Skt. Sambogakaya) of the Buddha Akshobya. As part of the foundational practices (Ngondro), the united purifying power of the Buddhas of all times and directions is employed to remove our negative imprints still with us from the past. The practice especially targets anger, hate and ill-will, transforming them into mirror-like wisdom. In this image he is seated in the posture of activity with the right foot extended. His right hand holds a golden dorje vertically to his heart symbolizing method and his left hand holds a silver bell with its mouth upwards at his hip symbolizing wisdom. Diamond Mind is transparent white in color and wears the ornaments of the Joy State.

Meditating on Diamond Mind using his 100 syllable mantra purifies our body, speech, and mind.

Material: Crystal    |    Dimensions: 4”x 4”x 3/4”    |    Weight: 1 lb

Price: $108.00 (includes legs)

The legs are made from different hardwoods each displaying their natural colors and attach to the crystal with an adhesive strip. Leg options: maple, sycamore, walnut, cherry/madrone (shown).

The crystal engraving is best viewed against a dark background color or with a light base.

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Diamond Mind - Dorje Sempa - Vajrasatva - Crystal Engraving