Tibetan Buddhist Engravings

These sacred Tibetan Buddhist images help focus our thoughts and turn our mind towards enlightenment. They can remind us of our inherent Buddha nature and awaken ordinary and extraordinary abilities in each of us for the benefit of all.

Engraved on fine crystal these images can be used in meditation practice or simply to bring inspiring beauty to your home. If placed in direct sunlight a rainbow will appear.

Part of Vajrayana (Diamond Way) Buddhism, they represent different qualities of our own mind on the level of purity. Called Yidams (mind/ bond), they are a method for working with mind that Buddha taught to his closest students. Meditating on these forms with there corresponding mantras is one of the most effective methods for realizing the nature of mind.

Most of these line drawings are in the sMan-ris style of the mid 15th century. Originally carved as woodblock prints or sketches for Thangkas, they are now laser engraved on fine glass crystal.

Notice: I will be travelling from June 25th thru August 17th and won't be able to ship orders.