Mahakala is a protector of all Tibetan Buddhism and varies according to the different Lineages. Here in his two armed form as Bernakchen (Black Coat) he is the main protector of the Kagyu Lineage and the Karmapas. Often misunderstood because of his powerful and protective appearance, his vertical wisdom eye denotes his enlightened state and that he works for the benefit of all beings. The various objects and ornaments he holds represent his powerful activity and the transformation of the five Kleshas (negative afflictions) into the five wisdoms.

Material: Slate      |     Dimensions: 6”x 6”x 3/8      |    Weight: 2 lbs

Price: $75.00 (includes stand)      |    Stand: 2-5/8”x 5”x 3/4”

The stands are made from different hardwoods each displaying their natural colors. Stand options: maple, sycamore, walnut, cherry/madrone (shown).

Slate is a natural stone, variations in grain patterns and color are unique.

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Mahakala - Slate Engraving