Artist Statement

"Since 1976 I have been an artist in the woodworking field, sculpting furniture in one form or another, following the creative river which has led me to many places. I have had the great privilege of bringing ideas into form and working with beauty. There have been many successful projects and many powerful lessons as a result of the risks that I've taken. My journey is evolving and this site is one of the currents in that creative river.

In 1989 a friend told me of an art exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco called “Wisdom and Compassion the Sacred Art of Tibet.” I was curious about the art and decided to go. I wasn't interested in Buddhism at the time and knew very little about it. During the exhibit I came to a small statue of Diamond Mind (Vajrasattva) and had a profound and completely unexpected spiritual experience that changed the course of my life. After a bit of searching I met Lama Ole Nydahl and recognized that he carried an authentic transmission of the Karma Kagyu Lineage and would be my teacher. I took refuge in 1990 and started on this vibrant and joyful path which has led me to connect with the highest lamas of the lineage.

It has taken many years to come to this point and with the support of many friends, family and teachers, I am jumping into the abyss for the benefit of all."

- Gary Upton

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Woodwork - Gary Upton