White Tara

(tib: Dolkar / skt: SitaTara)

White Tara is known as the Mother of Liberation and is associated with the qualities of compassion, longevity, and healing. Her special attributes are her seven eyes, in addition to the usual two she has the third eye on her forehead and one on each of her hands and feet. These represent her ability to see the suffering of beings in every realm of existence with clarity, wisdom and compassion. Her white color represents purity, wisdom and truth. Her hands are in the same pose as Green Tara, the wish-fulfilling mudra and Refuge. She holds three lotus blooms in her left hand which represent the Buddhas of past, present and future, and that Tara is the mother of all the Buddhas.

Meditating on White Tara develops clarity in all situations, wisdom and compassion, healing and long life as well as other qualities of enlightenment.

Material: Crystal    |    Dimensions: 4”x 4”x 3/4”    |    Weight: 1 lb

Price: $108.00 (includes legs)

The legs are made from different hardwoods each displaying their natural colors and attach to the crystal with an adhesive strip. Leg options: maple, sycamore, walnut, cherry/madrone (shown).

The crystal engraving is best viewed against a dark background color or with a light base.

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White Tara - Crystal Engraving